Frequently Asked Questions

1 x nomadiQ Grill
1 x nomadiQ gas hose with pressure distributor
2 x nomadiQ drip trays
1 x nomadiQ shoulder strap
1 x nomadiQ manual
Check the manual and the Quick Guide provided with the nomadiQ grill!
Step 1: Remove the shoulder strap.
Step 2: Remove the protective cover. (This step is optional, depending on whether the device has been supplied with a protective cover).
Step 3: Open the first closing mechanism by turning the legs at the base.
Step 4: Release both lock buttons/knobs located on each side of the grill.
Step 5: The grill panels unlock and can be pulled up and opened.
Step 6: Re-tighten both lock buttons/knobs.
Step 7: Place the drip trays at the base of the grill.
Step 8: Attach the gas hose quick connectors to each grill panel.
Step 9: Connect* the gas bottle to the gas regulator and make sure that the control buttons of the device are set to “0”.
• Consult the “Gas connection” section of the manual for further instructions regarding the gas connection

Step 10: Open the valve by setting the control knob to the highest position. Wait a few seconds and press the igniter* on the side of the grill. this step can be used with both grill panels and each panel can be operated separately.
Step 11: Turn the control knob to set the flame and temperature.
• Also refer to the “Ignition instructions” section of the manual.

Step 12: Turn off the device by closing the gas valve and turning the control knob to “0.”
Step 13: Let the grill cool down for 10 – 12 minutes.
Step 14: Disconnect the gas bottle and remove the gas hose.
Step 15: Remove and clean the drip trays.
Step 16: Remove the grates and clean the inside of the grill panels with a soft cloth / paper towel.
Step 17: Replace the grates and make sure that they are correctly placed on the 2 hooks and clamp them by sliding the shelves under the tabs (near the hinge).
Step 18: Release both lock buttons/knobs.
Step 19: Close the grill panels & slide them back into the base of the grill.
Step 20: Tighten both lock buttons/knobs.
Step 21: Turn the base back under the base of the grill.
Step 22: Replace the belt.
Optionally place the protective cover around the grill (before step 22) …. And you’re done!
It should take less than two minutes
Valve is closed —> Open the valve.
Gas hose and / or gas supply connection not connected correctly —> Reconnect the gas supply, gas hose and quick couplings.
Gas cartridge / gas bottle is (almost) empty -> Connect a new full gas bottle.
Igniter does not spark —> Remove the grates and carefully clean the contacts with a toothbrush. Igniter does not spark —> Open the side locking systems and move both grill panels to one side.
Check that the cables running to the igniter are not broken or disconnected.
The injector is blocked —> Contact our customer service or after-sales service for advice.

The burner is blocked —> Remove the grilles and carefully clean the contact points with a “hard” toothbrush.
The flame burns in the burner (hissing sound) —> Turn off the burner / barbecue, let it cool down for a few minutes and light it again.
The injector is blocked —> Contact our customer service or after-sales service for advice.

Connections are loose —> Tighten the loose connections (the quick connectors and controller / gas hose).
Also refer to “Detection of leaks” in the “Gas connections & gas regulator(s)” section of the manual or contact our customer service or after-sales service for advice.
This product is equipped as standard for disposable gas cartridges (gas bottles) that comply with the EN417 standard and are provided with a screw connection as shown in the image below. The gas cartridges / gas bottles should preferably contain butane gas (propane gas also works).
The nomadiQ Grill is configured for disposable gas bottles. These are common, disposable canister, gas bottles that are available at almost any hardware or outdoor store.
Yes, the base of the nomadiQ Grill is designed in such a way that it does not get hot and the grill can be set up anywhere without worry. Enjoy your meal!
When the temperature controller(s) are fully open, the grill heats to approximately 350 degrees in the middle of both grids, around 300 degrees on the sides and an average maximum temperature of 325 degrees.
Everything is possible, but naturally it takes a longer time to cook thick pieces of meat. The nomadiQ Grill is mainly developed to prepare thinner pieces of meat, fish, vegetables, etc. for a simply and quickly meal.
We are working on an online “portable” cookbook in which the approach is to easily and quickly become a top chef on location (all around the world). Keep an eye on our website and social media!
Thanks to the choice and thickness of the materials, the nomadiQ Grill cools down after approximately 10 to 12 minutes. clean, collapse, and “ready to go”.
Make sure the grill has cooled down and can be touched safely before cleaning the outside. lacquered and plastic parts can be cleaned with a mild dish detergent and a dry cloth (do not use scouring pads or aggressive cleaning agents). We recommend testing a cleaning agent on a small surface of the product first. Never use paint thinners or similar solvents to clean the product and never pour cold water over hot surfaces. Make sure that all surfaces are thoroughly dry before you cover and store the product.

Make sure the grill has cooled down and can be touched safely before cleaning the inside. you can clean the inside with water, a mild dish detergent and a soft sponge or cloth. the non-stick surfaces (inside of the grill panels) must be carefully cleaned with a slightly damp cloth. use a wet sponge and / or soft brush with a little baking soda to remove stubborn dirt. you can remove the non-stick grates and easily clean them under the tap with water and a mild dish detergent. All parts and surfaces must then be dried with a dry, soft cloth.
WARNING! The contact points in the grill panels near the burner are sharp. Be careful during cleaning to prevent injury.
To keep your nomadiQ Grill tidy, we recommend that you intensively clean the grill once or twice a year (depending on your use). For intensive maintenance, the shell parts can be removed, so that the inside of the base can also be thoroughly cleaned every now and then. For this, carefully follow the instructions and accompanying images from the manual. the manual is included with the product but can also be easily downloaded online.
This is of course possible. However, this is at your own risk and keep in mind that major repairs may void the warranty.
Via https://nomadiqgrills.com – and at official retailers.
On the inside of the base of the nomadiQ Grill. Lift both shell sections, fold both shell sections to one side and look into the foot.
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WARRANTY PERIODS Base and grill panels: 5 years, not rusted through / burnt through (2 years on the paint with the exception of fading or discoloration). Stainless steel burner tubes: 5 years, not rusted through. Aluminum grates with non-stick coating: 5 years, not rusted through or burnt through. Plastic parts: 5 years with the exception of fading or discoloration. All other parts: 2 years.
Send an email to sales@nomadiqgrills.com.