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Folding Design

The nomadiQ Grill’s unique folding design makes it sleek and ultra portable while being a powerhouse of a gas grill.

Opening portable gas grill | nomadiQ
Portable gas grill

Ultra Portable

With a folded size of only 16 inches (40cm) wide, 14 inches (36cm) high and 6 inches (15cm) thick, the nomadiQ Grill is ultra portable for adventurers who want to grill where they’ve never grilled before.

Lightweight Portable Grill


Featuring aluminum die casted parts, the nomadiQ Grill has a total weight of only 12.3 pounds (5.6 kg), making it easy for anyone to carry.

The grill comes with a comfortable carrying strap that allows you to conveniently tote it with you anywhere you go, whether it’s via car, bike, train, boat, or even skateboard.

We challenge you to find a gas grill that is lighter and more portable.

Portable gas grill temperature control

Dual Temperature Control

Unlike most portable grills, the nomadiQ is unique with two independent grilling surfaces. Each grilling side can be controlled individually by the knobs positioned on the front. This feature is ideal for foods that require different cooking temperatures, or for simply keeping food warm.

Additionally, switching one side off is always an option. A nice option to have if you’re running low on fuel or only cooking a simple meal for one.

Propane gas grill

Power with Propane

The nomadiQ Grill can be connected to a standard portable gas tank. A common propane fuel tank is Coleman’s 16 oz. tank, which will last approximately 3 hours!

With the use of an adapter, the nomadiQ grill can also be connected to an RV or larger 20 lb. tank for extra hours of entertaining, grilling, and fun!

Wide grilling surface

Wide Grilling Surface

Sporting one of the largest grill surfaces of any portable grill, the substantial cooking space of 226 square inches (1,460 square cm) can fit about 10 hamburgers. Grill amazing food for the entire crew on the go.

Ready to grill everywhere?

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People Love Their nomadiQ Grills

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How It Works


The base of the nomadiQ cleverly doubles as a locking mechanism. While resting the grill on a flat surface, rotate the foot clockwise from the side to open the base and unlock the grill from the base.

Place the included drip trays under the grill by aligning them with the notches on either side of the base of the grill.

Pull the side nobs outward and twist to unlock the grill from the side before unfolding.


Pull up and out to unfold the grill and reveal its deceptively large grilling surface.


Attach the included “Y” connector (gas regulator) to the individual gas ports.

Quick gas grill connect


Let’s grill! Set the control knobs to the starting position (high) and press the red igniter button to get the flames (and the party) started. 😊

Technical Features

Stainless steel burners on propane gas grill

Stainless Steel Burners

Two separate burners, each individually controlled, are durable for a long-lasting performance. They offer a large range of temperatures with dual temperature controls that evenly distribute the heat throughout the entire grill.

Dependable gas grill startups

Quick and Dependable Startups

The electronic ignition system ensures fast and reliable start-ups with just the push of a button, so that you can begin grilling right away.

High BTU portable gas grill

Incredible Grilling Power

With 4,600 BTU on each side (9,2000 BTU total), the nomadiQ Grill is sure to cook your food evenly and quickly. Despite being compact and lightweight, it cooks like a full-size grill.

Non-stick cooking grates

Non-Stick Cooking Grates

With a ceramic coating, the non-stick grates ensure that your food is evenly cooked. They are rust-resistant and can easily be removed for quick cleaning, and are also dishwasher safe. The shells of the grill can also be wiped down for a fast take-down, so that you can continue your adventures.

Non-stick grill cooking grates

Efficient Fuel Consumption

Due to its efficient design, the nomadiQ Grill provides a steady heat for over 3 hours on both sides of the grill on high when powered by just a single 1 pound propane tank.

Time to Grill in Style

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What People Are Saying

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What’s in the Box?

Here’s what’s included with your purchase:

  • 1 nomadiQ Grill containing 2 removable grates
  • 1 carrying strap
  • 2 removable drip trays
  • 1 regulator (“Y” connector for connecting to propane container*)

To grill in even more style, see our accessories below.

*Propane sold separately

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of gas do I need for the nomadiQ Grill?

This grill takes the standard 16 ounce small propane cylinders (such as the Coleman ones used for camping). Also, with the right attachment accessories, you can connect it to a larger propane tank (if you are not on the go) or the propane for your RV.

Can I connect the nomadiQ Grill to my RV propane supply?

The best way to connect the nomadiQ Grill to an RV is with our RV extension hose available here. This hose has the “Y” connect on one end for connecting to the nomadiQ Grill and a “quick disconnect” on the other end for connecting to an RV.

What connector do I need to be able to attach the nomadiQ Grill to a 20 lb propane tank?

To connect to a 20 lb propane tank, you can use this propane adapter hose. It features durable solid brass connection points. Tank connection is excellent, secure and durable. It’s long lasting and is easy to use.

How well does the nomadiQ Grill work without a lid?

The nomadiQ Grill produces 4,600 BTUs of heat per side which easily cooks food nice and hot. Despite not having a lid, it is great for cooking foods like steaks, raw fish, and shrimp.

What are the dimensions when the grill is open and in use?

The nomadiQ Grill’s dimensions while opened are as follows: 7.5” h x 16” w x 25.6” d (19 cm h x 40.5 cm w x 65 cm d)

How do I clean the nomadiQ Grill?

The nomadiQ should be cleaned only after allowing it to cool. The inside can be cleaned by using water, mild detergent and a soft sponge or towel. The non-stick coated surfaces (inside of grilling shells) should be cleaned carefully with a wet towel. See the included instruction manual for more details about cleaning.

Does the nomadiQ Grill come with a regulator to connect to a propane tank?

Yes! The included “Y” connection hose has a built in regulator that controls the flow of gas into the grill.

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Specifications & Details

Appliance Type:Portable Gas Grill
Finish:‎Non Stick
Weight:‎12.3 pounds (5.6 kg)
Material:‎Stainless Steel (body), Cast Iron (grates)
Grilling Surface:226.3 square inches
BTU:4,600 per side
Total BTU:9,200
Gas Type:Propane
Folded dimensions:14.2” h x 16” w x 6” d (36 cm h x 40.5 cm w x 15 cm d)
Assembled dimensions7.5” h x 16” w x 25.6” d (19 cm h x 40.5 cm w x 65 cm d)
Warranty:‎Manufacturer Warranty 5 Years from Date of Purchase on most parts, 2 years on the rest

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