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nomadiQ is reinventing the idea of portable grills. No more lugging around a large, bulky grill or bags of charcoal. This LIGHTWEIGHT portable grill weighs ONLY 12 POUNDS, while providing all the features of a full-size grill. And when the grill is folded, it is super-sleek and is sure to catch everyone’s attention.

The nomadiQ Grill is the perfect grill to take anywhere, including picnics, beach, hiking, road trips, mountain climbing, fishing, hunting, boating, camping, biking, and more. It is perfect for small patios and decks, or for your RV. Its compact design will fit anywhere, so you can take it anywhere.

DIMENSIONS: Height: Folded 14.2″, Assembled 7.5″; Width: Folded 16″, Assembled 5″; Depth: Folded 5.2″, Assembled 25.6″

Grill + Pouch option includes the nomadiQ Protection Pouch

Use the NomadiQ Protection Pouch to avoid scratches and dents! With the soft but strong made fabric you prevent your nomadiQ Grill from being damaged. Use the pouch to safely store your nomadiQ Grill or carry it under your arm anywhere you go.

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  • TRULY COMPACT AND PORTABLE GAS GRILL TO TAKE ON-THE-GO – Weighing ONLY 12 pounds, the nomadiQ grills are easy to transport and can go anywhere: camp, tailgate, RV, boat, parks, hikes, boating, decks & patios, travel, apartments & tiny homes, beach, roadtrip and more. Can be used as a table top grill inside & outside. Includes a carrying strap for easy transport


  • 226 SQUARE INCH CERAMIC COATED NON-STICK GRATES – Boasting a huge cooking area, this portable propane grill has plenty of room to grill all your favorite foods, while distributing heat evenly and efficiently. Grates are easily removable, DISHWASHER SAFE, and rust-resistant.


  • ALMOST 10,000 BTU WITH DUAL BURNERS – With 2 separate grilling sides, each encompassing almost 5,000 BTU, this BBQ grill allows you to barbecue using only one side or both sides, while controlling their temperatures individually using independently controlled burners.


  • OPENS AND CLOSES QUICKLY – If it takes longer than 45 seconds to set-up, you are doing something wrong. In 3 simple moves, unlock, open, connect and grill. The grill heats up quickly, meaning you can light it and start your grilling experience right away. No Assembly Required!


  • SOLID AND DURABLE COMPONENTS – The nomadiQ Grill is made from heavy steel construction with a powder coated finish for durability. With stainless steel burners and cast-iron grill plates, the nomadiQ grill is built to withstand your most adventurous outdoor activities. Its ELECTRIC PUSH-TO-START IGNITION SWITCH will quickly and reliably fire up your grill anywhere.


  • INCLUDES Two (2) Drip Trays, Gas Hose/Regulator, Carrying Strap (for easy transport) & Manual



The nomadiQ grill possesses the sleekest of designs, when both folded and opened. Sure to drop jaws around you, be the coolest one with this lightweight, but still powerful grill. This is a grill that is actually portable, and can go anywhere.



The electronic ignition system ensures fast and reliable start-ups with just the push of a button, so that you can begin grilling right away.



Sporting one of the largest grill surfaces of any portable grill, the substantial cooking space can fit about 10 hamburgers. Grill amazing food for the entire crew on the go.



With a ceramic coating, the non-stick grates ensure that your food is evenly cooked. They are rust-resistant and can easily be removed for quick cleaning, and are also dishwasher safe. The shells of the grill can also be wiped down for a fast take-down, so that you can continue your adventures.



Two separate burners, each individually controlled, are durable for a long-lasting performance. They offer a large range of temperature with dual temperature controls, that evenly distribute the heat throughout the entire grill.


9,200 BTU

With 4,600 BTU on each side, the nomadiQ Grill is sure to cook your food evenly and quickly. Although it is small in size, it will cook like a full-size grill. This grill is fueled by propane.



Through small holes located in the bottom of each shell, the removal of grease and drippings will be siphoned into the two provided drip trays, while reducing the risk of flare-ups. Simply remove the drip trays, and wipe down for your next grilling experience.



With an ergonomically easy to grip handle, carrying this lightweight grill is a breeze. For longer distances, a padded shoulder strap is included for the ease and comfort of transporting this grill to your next adventure.




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Grill, Grill + Pouch

56 reviews for nomadiQ Portable Propane Gas Grill

  1. Graciela

    The grill is amazing, I feel lucky that I found it because I needed to go camping and I wasn’t sure what I was going to do in terms of meal prep. When I saw this grill initially it spoke to me, sure I had some reservations, but when I got to use it I really liked how everything about it works, how easy it is to clean, how easy it is to fold out and fold again to put away. I’m really happy with the purchase and I’m definitely going to recommend to my friends.
    It feels very sturdy and durable and overall I like the quality of the materials. Great buy!

  2. Isra

    I have finally gotten around to using this grill, and it is great. I really love everything about it. Not much that I can say that was not said already. It does not weight a lot and is so easy to carry. It works like any other grill, even the big one I have at home. I have been using it at home many times, as the set-up is very quick. Definitely recommend.

  3. Darrin

    Initially I purchased this bar-b-q grill for car camping and planned to use it in few days. Family came over to the house so I grilled and grilled some more. Setup was quick and easy – unlock, unfold the grill, connect the hose and propane bottle. What I really like the most was the easy clean up. Yes I did a deep clean took it a part, as per instructions, and made it shine. What a joy.

  4. Irma

    Honestly, I was a little hesitant about purchasing this grill because of the price (there are so many other portable grills that are much less). However, I wanted something gas (not charcoal), and I decided to take a risk and try this one. And I am very happy. It is very light, VERY compact, and so easy to use. I will be recommending this to anyone I come across, and plan on buying them as fathers day gifts for my father and FIL.

  5. T. Chen

    Just received my grill a few days ago. It arrived in a really nicely packaged box. The entire grill was in a nice black foam container that was formed specifically for the grill.
    I have used my nomadic grill a few times and all I can say is “I’m in love”. The first thing I love about this grill is its size. My tiny balcony makes it hard to have a huge standing grill but this one folds away and stores perfectly in a drawer, on a shelf, or in a storage container.
    It’s easy to set up and take down when you’re in a hurry or on the go. The legs lock in place to make space for the detachable grease trays.
    The capacity is great for any size grill. I don’t see myself cooking for that many people, so I find it most appealing since I can grill burger patties on one side while toasting buns on the other side, thanks to being able to control the temperature for each side.
    Lastly, the grill ignites with a click of a button. I’ve only struggled once to get it to light, but nothing a long neck lighter can’t fix.
    I’ve made burgers, hotdogs, chicken, salmon, zucchini, squash, sweet potatoes, & s’mores
    Clean up is a breeze. The grates & trays detach easily and I can throw them straight in the dishwasher.
    The grill arrived super quickly and the traveling case “pouch” makes it look cute & keeps it safe during storage & transit. I was hesitant in buying this grill at this price, but in the end, It was worth it for the quality and durability. If I needed more capacity, I’d seriously just buy a second nomadiQ & use them side by side.

  6. Frank

    Very impressed with this grill. This past weekend while camping, we cooked 4 large steaks. The grill easily cooked evenly and quickly. Although a bit pricey it serves our needs well. Light weight, easy to clean and takes up very little space in our 5th wheel.

  7. Amazon Customer

    The NOMADIQ is an awesome portable grill! Compact enough to carry on any outing – even on a bicycle or skateboard. We use ours all of the time and just love this grill. The NOMADIQ works great, looks great and has become our go to grill.

  8. Felicia

    The only reason I didn’t give five stars is cuz there is no lid…but…that being said, I don’t know that you really need one. We were concerned about it not having one, but so far we’ve done just fine without. We took ours on a recent trip; it fit nicely into a small cubby in our camper, and we used at the campground, and also took it a long on a bike ride and we grilled at a park. Portable, easy to clean – with dual temp control, could grill meat on one side and veggies on the other. Large grilling surface – especially for something you can sling over your shoulder. We’ll be using it a lot! Also – great customer service! My husband stored the trip trays under the grill plates after the first use, and they lit the grill with them still in there on the second use – melted them a bit. While they are still actually usable, we contacted the company and they sent a long another set. I told them buying a spare set of drip trays might be something they want to make available, as I could see the same thing perhaps happening to others – or perhaps them getting lost, as they’re fairly small. Do get the cover for it; we got a small scratch in ours already, as the grill arrived before we left, but the cover didn’t. Doesn’t effect function, obviously – but with the ease of toting this thing around, you may find yourself bringing it a lot of places, and it will help keep it looking nice.

  9. L

    I really enjoyed the portability.

  10. ST

    Solid and well made very compact grill. Bought this for our RV as it is so small and fits into the storage bins really easily. So far we have been running it on the Coleman 1lb gas canisters. We grilled 4 burgers on one side of the grill and they turned out very well – it can fit about 8 burgers in total using both sides. You can run either the left side or the right side of the grill at a time. Vegetables and kabobs have also worked out well – lovely charring. This is the Apple Mac of grills – why has someone not invented this before! It comes with a Y splitter hose combined with a regulator.

    The problem when you want to connect this to the RV propane supply is that you can not remove the regulator from the Y hose splitter, and I can’t find any other connectors or adaptors online that can get around this. So until Nomadiq can come up with an RV propane adaptor or suggest a fix then this grill can not be used with an RV low pressure propane supply (I can’t remove the regulator from our RV to make the propane high pressure).

    UPDATE: I was emailed by Nomadiq yesterday and they are working on making an adaptor so the grill can be used with an RV, they said it would be available in about a month. So I am keeping the grill and using the canisters until this is available.

  11. Ryan Connell

    Best portable grill out there!!!! Best portable cooking grill!!!!!! Cooks better then larger grills that I have come across over 20+ Seriously cooks food to perfection. Heat is distributed evenly throughout and doesn’t stick. Don’t even have to use a spray prior to grilling. Cooked everything from steak, chicken, hotdogs, vegetables and seafood. Use it almost daily. My girlfriend said it honestly makes the food taste better than other grilling. Clean up is easy and love how transportable it is. Everyone talks how well it cooks and never seen a grill function like it. Worth every penny!!!!

  12. Siv

    Very cool design! Easy to set up, easy to use. Love the portable feature and although we don’t travel or do any camping, this allows us to store it in a cabinet in the kitchen when not in use. It’s small enough for a household of two, yet large enough for a small dinner party. Would really appreciate the addition of a non-flammable lid so that we could keep it open on the deck if we are planning to use the grill two days in a row.

  13. Mary

    This is replacing a portable grill that we got when we were first married. This one is much much nicer. I also bought the protective sleeve. That part is sold separately. It shipped right away and got here quickly, so I was really happy about that. I tested it right away just grilling in the backyard, but I can already tell that it will be perfect for camping.

    Ease of use: This thing is very well designed. After a quick glance at the directions, I saw that I need to unfold the legs at the bottom before the grill will open up. Honestly, it’s a brilliant design. I feel good knowing it’s not going to just fly open when it’s not in use. It was all super easy and intuitive. The directions had really good “IKEA-like” illustrations. You just pull it up on the handle and guide the two sides of the grill down. Twist on the propane and this thing is started up in under a minute.

    How well it works: This grill gets nice and hot right away. That was my biggest issue with my last portable grill. So I was relieved when I saw that it could easily cook a burger to be well done on a windy day in 40 something degree weather. It doesn’t have a cover for while you’re cooking, but that didn’t seem to be a problem. The entire surface had a nice even heat and the flames held steady despite strong wind. It says that it cools down in 10 to 15 minutes which is good. I didn’t need it to cool down quickly today, but if I need to pack it up quickly while I’m on the go, it’s good to know that this won’t slow me down.

    Quality: This actually feels like what a modern-day portable grill should be. All of the other options seem bulky and awkward by comparison. This grill feels simple and sleek. Every part really makes it feel like a premium product. It sits sturdy and strong while in use. After it’s folded up everything is tucked away and protected so I don’t feel like I have to worry about my kids breaking it.

    Cleaning: The grates come off super easy. I could have just done a quick wipe down, but I saw that there were only two phillips head screws on each side to take out the part where the flame comes out, so I went ahead and took those off too. The simple design made it really easy to clean for a grill. And the grates were non-stick so that wasn’t an issue. I didn’t come across any awkward crevice or hard to reach spots.

    Overall I’m thrilled with this purchase! I can’t wait to take it out camping, it’s so lightweight and compact for what it offers that it already feels like a game-changer.

    Oh, and in case you were wondering. The burgers were excellent!

  14. Justin

    Got this portable grill mainly for an addition to my travel trailer for camping activities. It is very portable and cooked us breakfast and dinner on many occasions. I got a family of 6 and can cook burgers for everyone at one time. If you are unsure about a park having a pit or clean pit, just grab and go with this thing. I use mine on a leveling table to keep cooking level.

  15. Greg Lippincott

    Easy set up – Very hot fire, great design, compact.

  16. Rich H.

    Best gas grill I’ve ever owned, and I’ve owned a few! – Best gas grill I’ve ever owned, and I’ve owned a few! Love this grill, 16oz bottle lasted for breakfast, lunch and dinners for 3 days. Would last longer if I only used 1 burner. Worked perfectly from the 1st time I fired it up. Made of quality material and craftsmanship = price. Well worth it to me!

  17. Kindle Customer

    Wow – This is a keeper. Light and enough cooking area for the two of us. A little pricey.

  18. Kimci

    Light and Portable – Sets up, heats up, Cooks, cleans up, folds up. Pricy but so far worth it.

  19. Bruce A. Agee

    Great Grill For My Needs – I camp in a small trailer and like to grill outdoors. My previous grill weighed 40+ lbs, and was very bulky. I often left it home because of this. I checked out the clam shell grills but they were also bulky and heavy. There are times when you need to spend a bit more to buy reduced ‘volume’ and/or ‘weight’ and this was one of those times. This grill is 12lbs and 1/5th to 1/10th the volume of my previous grill (when folded), yet the main grill area is similar to my previous grill. You should be able to cook for 2-4 without trouble. Most importantly, I will take on my trips every time.

    As others have pointed out – it is high quality. It is also surprisingly stable (see pic). I can put a large pot of whatever on it without fear. I’ve used it a few times and it works well. I did get the cover, which holds the drip trays on the side with elastic straps. Overall, a well thought-out design and a quality product.

  20. Jim M.

    This BBQ costs more but it’s worth it. I love the way it transforms into a small size to transport. The cooking is great with high BTUs and two separate heating zones. Well engineered product!

  21. Steve Wade

    This is an amazingly huge compact/lightweight grill. I often use only half, which it easily allows you to do. It sips propane. I thought I would want to install a quick connect to my RV bulk tank but, I’m going to just stay with the one pounders for versatility.

  22. Bill Sweeeney

    Great and timely service. Upon receipt of the portable grill I accidentally dropped the grill and broke one of the handles. I contacted the seller and they were gracious enough to promptly send me a replacement handle without cost. Great service indeed.

  23. Delbert Harris

    Happy. More than I had bargained for
    Good for cooking. Compact easy to use
    Best small grill I’ve owned

  24. amitabha karmakar

    Awesome product, amazing customer service. very easy to set up, took me less than 5 minutes to set up
    Portable, can be taken to camping or picnic
    very easy to clean up
    works perfect even for large quantity
    one of the best buys I have ever made

  25. Stephen G. Carpenter

    Small Storage Space but Large Grilling Area – I bought this grill for our Class B RV because storage space is limited. It packs away small! Although it may seem expensive, you are paying for the space it saves. it is a quality grill with a unique clam shell design that opens into a sizeable grilling surface. Everything about the grill is high quality. It is the perfect choice when you are limited on storage space. I use a connector hose directly to my RV propane tank which eliminates the need for the small propane cans. We love this little grill! It has been perfect for us. I highly recommend it.

  26. Kevin Sizemore


  27. Swain

    Great little grill.Love the design. Light weight very portable, cooks great just wish it had a lid.

  28. Maria O’ Rittner

    I bought it for a camping trip. Was surprised how fast it boiled water. Made burgers, hot dogs, sausages and some deserts wrapped in foil. Also heated some food in a cast iron pan. Everything cooked to perfection!
    It’s light to carry, easy to assemble, works better than expected. We joked that this grill is Tesla of the grills for its design and efficiency 😍
    PS: it was easy to clean.

  29. Summersong

    A perfect solution for an everyday grill. Using it on my porch and it is very convenient. Pricey but the design is beautiful and it is so easy to use. The grates are not as easy to clean as I had hoped. Typical of any grill, it requires some scrubbing, and even then there is cooked on residue. Overall, I am very happy.

  30. John K. Anderson

    Lots of surface space to grill. This is an awesome grill. We use it for camping and love it. The volume of grilling ara is like no other and it is super compact and easy to use. Price is steep but well worth it.

  31. C Stewart

    Expensive- but worth it. WOW – great addition to our RV – doesn’t take up much space, pretty light, easy to use AND clean. And grills to perfection. We use tinfoil pan to ‘cover’ if we want to cover what we’re grilling. Exactly what we were looking for.

  32. Cherie H.

    Perfect compact grill. Amazing BBQ. I live on a boat. This is perfect on and of of it. Year round.

  33. Shelley white

    Compact. Awesome compact great for side by side rides In the desert .. works nice

  34. Lori Beasley

    Portable. I bought this grill for my son for Father’s Day. He loved it! He used it at the lake on a little beach! It was the perfect size for a quick lunch!

  35. Gilles Doumy

    Compact, easy to use portable grill. For somebody leaving in an apartment with no balcony, the only opportunity to grill is to go outside. Having a very portable grill that does not take much room at home is a necessity. This grill is perfect for that. It will also be great for car-camping. Very easy to use. In my few uses, I found that it grilled very effectively for the simple tasks you’ll want to do on the go. Very happy with it, and also happy with the contact I had with customer service for a minor issue. I expect that it will last a long time, and so end up very worth the investment.

  36. Love romance

    This little grill was purchased for camping. It takes Up less space. Easy to clean and just looks so cool. Highly recommend it. We purchased the separate flat plate which I love.

  37. Customer

    This is a great grill made good easy to use very easy clean good choice. No dislike we do a lot of camping very portable easy to use just for the two of us it’s so easy to clean a line the inside with aluminum foil easier clean great choice.

  38. Miranda

    This little grill is perfect for me. I love that it doesn’t take up much space. I purchased the griddle for it as well. Now when I camp I don’t need my camp stove, pot and pans. Having separate burner controls on each side is exactly what I needed.

  39. Frances G.

    Very compact and light. Easy to use and cooks evenly and fast.

  40. David Paris

    I had used this grill for a couple of months. I am very pleased with the grill.

  41. Patricia

    I purchased the BBQ solely based on size and reviews. It is pricey but I think worth the money. It fits perfect in my van cabinet and does not take up to much space. The design is compact.
    I gave it a 4 star instead of 5 because of the design and storage of the propane adapter. The BBQ should have an design whereas you can mount or carry the propane adapter hidden somewhere in the surrounding case. It is an extra part you have to store and hope it doesn’t get lost in a camper.
    Other than that, haven’t used it yet but for now will do so on my next camping trip. Looking forward to the cooking test.

  42. trailrunner

    I wanted this grill for the compact size, and so far I’ve been pleased with it’s performance. In very windy conditions it will not stay lit without a windscreen, but it doesn’t have a lid so I guess that’s to be expected—I started using it right next to my van and haven’t had an issue since.

  43. Jen Pearson

    Love love love this grill. We use it for camping and tailgating. Its the perfect size for my little family. It’s so easy to set up and carry. Lightweight, portable easy to store. Everything we have made on it has turned out perfect. They have the best customer service! I broke one of the grill pieces and they sent me a new one free of charge. The response in their website was literally immediate.

  44. Sailor Dave

    Compact, easy to store, a breeze to setup and cooks nice and even with great heat. Dual cooking surfaces with seperate controls make it even more flexible. I have tried just about every marine barbaque made and they all dissapointed me. Finally somebody did it right, making a compact unit that really cooks well. Enough said, but it, you will not be dissapointed. Fair Winds.

  45. Smuferchick

    Easy to clean. Love how compact it becomes. Heavy duty. Worth the money to invest in a good quality grill to have with my RV fulltime.


    As good as any Weber Q. Well made & very compact – Only grill I can pack in my motorcycle. Works great for day trips. Buy the griddle attachment.

  47. Pawsitivepaw

    Perfect for RV living – I’m so pleased with this grill! It’s easy to set up and use, it works well, it’s light weight/easy to carry, and it doesn’t take up much room in my RV van.

  48. Mazzy Moz

    Awesome for beach picnics – Minus the ridiculous shipping issues I had with Amazon (Which they finally fixed THANK YOU Amazon customer service reps!) , this little grill is AWESOME! I took it to the beach on a semi windy cold day and it worked like a charm. Be aware that because it doesn’t have a lid, it was a little hard to light but once we blocked the wind with the umbrella it clicked on and heated up right away. I used half to grill and the other half I put a griddle to keep the food warm. It was PERFECT. The size, the ease of putting together and cleaning up. It’s sturdy, and just super cool to look at. I was dreading having to get one of those big coleman or weber portable tailgate type grills because well, who the hell wants to carry all that in the sand across the beach until you find a good spot? I slung this over my shoulder and popped it open and in 30 mins I had filet mignon going and even cooked some lobster tails, burgers, hot dogs, corn and veggies as well as some carmelized onions all in the same afternoon. I’d say this is perfect for a group of 6 max. I fed a group of 12 but pre cooked a lot of stuff the night before just to heat and char the next day to get the food out faster. Doable for big groups but pre prep is a must if you don’t want people waiting for long periods of time. LOVE THIS THING. looking for an excuse to go back to the beach again.

  49. Desert Rick

    Finally portable and quality. The grill for the road – We wanted a grill for our trailer. We looked at many designs from very good grill companies, but they were generally big and heavy. We don’t have a big space and I wanted something that would not make the whole vehicle smell like charred meat. Then I found this grill. Many videos and reviews later, it was ordered. It is perfect. Looks like a bowling ball in the extra cover. Big grill space, impossibly easy to set up with reading the instructions at least once. The gas connection is easy and it attached to the trailer low pressure gas valve with the separately purchased hose. The grills pop out and if we are in a rush they fit into a plastic bag for no smell once they are cooled. As for cleaning they have a non-stick coating and we just take them to the campsite sink and we are good to go. No cheap, but also clearly made to last and have a design that most domestic grill designers don’t do.

  50. Kmo

    Great space saver for RVers – This grill is proving to be a worthwhile investment. It cooks well and packs up small which is important to a fulltime RVer. It’s easy to set up, and with the hose to use the larger propane tank, it’s a perfect companion to all our other cooking devices. Glad it came down in price which really made the difference in purchasing it. It’s well made and doesn’t feel cheap. Solid and seems built to last.

  51. LN

    Good investment so far – Shopped around for small grills for our campervan. This one fits the bill perfectly. We were looking for a grill and not a camp stove. Ease of use, clean-up and the fact that it is compact works for us. Time will tell how it holds up, but so far we like it a lot.

  52. CP

    Excellent product, even better customer service – Ordered this and had it delivered within a few days. Reached out to the company about a sleeve and a promotion going on and they honored it and responded quickly. Am incredibly happy with this purchase. I do recommend the sleeve if you can afford it. Easy to store things. I also have a travel spatula set that fits the sleeve. Customer service alone puts this above a lot of other companies.

  53. kathleen hibben

    Easy to use & saves space! – Love this grill! Easy to set up, use and takes up Little space while having lots of grill space.
    Wish it came with a all in one storage for hose & small propane tank.

  54. Shawn Thomas

    5.0 out of 5 stars Superior compact design with a huge grilling surface. – This compact grill is easy to light with the push button starter. It has two independent burners that can be adjusted to separate temperature ranges. Overall a great grill that I have added to my overlanding rig out but honestly have used it more at the pool with my grandkids.

  55. Jnates

    Fantastic – Although this is a little pricey, it does what it meant to do very well. Easy to transport and clean, solid foundation and large (for its portability) grill space. This grill has really worked well for grilling on our boat when we are out at anchor.

  56. Philip Wilson

    Great compact size for RV travel. – Great portability! Easy cleanup of unit for storage/travel. Was skeptical, with price, but worth it! 👍🏻

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